We probably expected this year to be historic, however not many of us predicted the COVID-19 pandemic. As more and more countries around the world introduce different measures to prevent the spread the best way we can contribute is to stay at home and help to flatten the curve of new cases.

Few weeks ago, none of us could even imagine a life without the daily routine of waking up preparing to go to work, visiting friends, attending social events in the evenings. All this seems now quite a while ago depending on which country you are reading this from.

Where do you get your inspiration from? How do you deal with isolation and reduced interaction with friends and co-workers?

Especially in such times I find it very important to encourage each of you to find your own source of inspiration whatever it would be. I found some advantages of home office already; I start each day with a 10-minute yoga exercise to get myself fully energized and ready to overcome the challenges of the day. Reading is another source of inspiration I love books that give me a new perspective on different topics. Reading something else then the daily news gets me inspired and gives me ideas that I can go ahead and implement. Technology nowadays brings us much closer then before, we benefit a lot from staying connected with friends and family.

Wherever you are you can test a simple trick, note down one positive thing that happens to you every day. Notice how the way you approach things changes and share with me the benefits you see. Simply take few minutes apart at the end of the day and ask yourself what was the best thing that happened today?

As spring is coming, we are looking with hope into the future and as every crisis we all hope the pandemic is also coming to and end, and we can slowly go back to our normal way of life even if this seems far away right now.