How many of you were dreaming of super powers when you were little? All the super heroes in movies made us strongly believe that something exists out there and getting a bit of extra power could change us completely.

It starts already in childhood, we go to kindergarten or pre-school and already notice the competition, why does one kid know already everything and the others just start to learn as a group. In case you were not one of the top students as a child, teachers could easily set you up with a belief that somehow stuck deep with you and still blocks you. It might tell you, “I am not good enough”, “starting the new step in my career would never allow me to be successful” or anything else discouraging. Why do we always compare ourselves with someone else, do we really need to prove to be better in something? This competition is present in each system somehow, it is all good until we know how to use it to our advantage. At the end of the day, it is important to know what are our strengths and how do we use them to convert them into opportunities.

Most important question is are we happy with who we simply are? How often do we take time to feel grateful for what we achieved so far? Reflection supports you to summarize and appreciate all you have and enables you to move forward. There is a simple exercise I learned in a workshop to think about the best things that happened in a day. Taking only a few minutes and considering something positive can have a huge impact on your next meeting in a business environment.

Trust me, believing in yourself is the most powerful super power you can get. It is a mindset that completely enables you to achieve your goals. Anything is possible when you are fully aware of what could block you. Are you ready to start your discovery?

“True self-discovery begins where your comfort zone ends” – Adam Braun