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 What inspires you? What does success mean to you?

Why Coaching? Because you matter!

Your to do list is getting longer and your priorities change constantly. Working without interruption seems like a dream. When was the last time you had a plan and managed to bring something forward?

As a coach, I help my clients to identify and achieve their goals and succeed in making their workplace inspiring for the ones around them.



Discovery Session

Let’s see where you are currently and explore whether we can develop a game plan together. Book a free 20 minutes skype or phone session.

Design Next Steps

During the coaching sessions we will explore what is important to you. We will use specific tools that support your development.

Move to Action

Implement the learnings and see the results both in your personal and professional environment.



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Summer, Let’s Reflect

Summer, Let’s Reflect

This summer is different in many ways from a regular summer before. I notice the change in the topics that come up during lunch discussion; it is not anymore about sharing great summer plans and travel experiences but rather discussing the COVID pandemic development in different countries and parts of the world and complaining about things that right now are not possible.

Source of Inspiration

Source of Inspiration

We probably expected this year to be historic, however not many of us predicted the COVID-19 pandemic.
Where do you get your inspiration from? Don’t count the days, make them count. Stay safe and get inspired!

Christmas Time & Happy 2020!

Christmas Time & Happy 2020!

It is Christmas time and another great year is coming to an end. Ask yourself what do you want to experience this holiday season?
Happy Holidays to you and your families!


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Success coaching for individuals and corporations. Let's start your way to success.

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