There are different stages on how we react to the situation nowadays: we might worry about things that are out of our control, try to find some ways in creating our new normal or simply refuse to make changes. The ongoing pandemic impacts our lifestyle more and more, living from one lockdown into the other with limited services available. Our usual week seems so far away, we do not even remember when was the last time, we had a normal work week with colleagues around in an office environment. At least there is already some hope that in some time there will be vaccination available for most of the population. As time passes the virus becomes also more and more contagious having different mutations in several countries.

Work from Home

Several organizations notice what benefits and disadvantages the work from home environment brings to employees. In some company’s digitalization roll-out got to an entire new level, without the virus would have taken years what we managed in couple of months. We have all experienced new ways to exchange and brainstorm with co-workers, solved different challenges remotely. However, also noticed several new challenges arising, somehow people started to use our time even more than when we spent it physically in the office. There is no more differentiation between home and office location, this brought with it even more importance to get organized and focus on keeping a clear separation between workplace and our day-to-day life. Families who also must organize childcare cope with another level of complexity.

We have also experienced employers managing the crisis in different companies in several ways. Communication and keeping employees informed has been key to get everyone to the same level of understanding on how things evolve. A real conclusion we can only take once the epidemic is over, however let us take a few minutes and try to reflect on what happened.

Here are some questions to guide you:

·  What did you learn about yourself during the current Covid-19 pandemic?

·  What were your key priorities, how did these change during the lock down time?

·  What works well in the work from home environment?

·  What key learning can you keep for your teams for the future?

After our reflection I invite you to take a pen and paper to take some notes:

·  In a year from now when you look back at this period what is one goal you would be proud to say you have accomplished?

·  What steps can you take to achieve this goal?

Reach out to a friend, a coach and let them know your goals you want to achieve and ask them to keep you accountable and remind you to complete them.

I personally miss seeing my family and friends who live in another country, visiting them during the coronavirus has gotten very difficult. Emails, phone, and video calls cannot replace all the personal interactions. Simply having the ability to plan and visit someone would already bring me back the freedom I used to have before the epidemic. I am waiting for the opportunity to see again people and exchange with employees on the different strategies and learnings we have all gathered. Just the idea to have the freedom to plan a few weeks ahead leisure activities make me passionate. Until we get back to a somewhat usual life, I keep enjoying the small things every day brings. Look for something that I can accomplish today instead of finding several excuses and blame it on  Covid-19. As a manager, I try to focus on the individuals and help get them through this phase of life. I am simply looking forward to organize our first events where the team can benefit from seeing each other.

There are losers and winners in all acts of life. Let us consider the pandemic an opportunity and create something great out of it considering that whatever decision we make our health must always be on the first place. Do not count the hours of lockdown, make them count!