So many choices mountains, seaside, islands or city breaks – sky is the limit on where we travel this year. Many people compete on who goes to the coolest place, takes the best pictures or gathers most of the likes and comments on one of the social media sites. The urgency to share all these great experience has reached new heights. Lately we were searching for a geocache at 1900 meters and we wanted to immediately share with the community that we found it – our data connection got lost and for a moment was a strange feeling. Are we really depending on all the immidiate feedback available online? The answer to this question depends on whom we ask, generation Z would have a hard time disconnecting, while staying connected in the eyes of their parents or grandparents has a totally different meaning.

With companies getting more and more focus on digitalization it is getting even harder to disconnect. I often hear and notice that people cannot turn off their phones and computers for their well-deserved summer break. It is important to get out and do something completely different then at work, helps see things from a different perspective upon return. As with anything else, preparation is key and I will not write an entire check list. I can only say ask yourself what you would like to achieve from the upcoming holiday and make the most out of it. Let the organization notice you are not available for this time and notice how they appreciate when you deliver things as usual upon your return. Sometimes leaders take people and their work for granted and by completely switching off you have an opportunity to demonstrate how valuable truly your presence and work is.

Wherever summer takes you, enjoy it, notice the small things and for a change do something for yourself. Sometimes a few days can get you even more energized then a long time away. It does not matter where you go spend quality time with friends and family. Choose your ingredients wisely and make the best out of them, have a cocktail, a lemonade or anything else you prefer.