You have set yourself million goals at the beginning of every year both personally and professionally. So many of you jot down different New Year’s resolutions, deciding that starting next year “I will go to the gym more often”, “I will climb the career ladder”, “I will improve my leadership skillset” or “I will focus on my personal development” and the list goes on and on. There are several articles focusing on top 10 – 50 ideas giving you hints that you can choose from.

What happens to all these great ideas? You go back to your daily routine after the holidays and find yourself in the hamster wheel. There are so many meetings, e-mails and activities that keeps you extremely busy in your working day and let you forget to see the big picture. What if there would be a way to stay committed and accomplish your ideas? Just take a second and imagine, you have wished to make a move to your next management role and you actually accomplished it. How does it feel? Forget everyone around you and focus only on yourself. Let’s say you are finally the leader you have always admired or imagined to be. Simply your presence inspires everyone around you to perform better and go the extra mile. Wow, that would be really exciting giving you a reason to celebrate a huge accomplishment. Half of the year has passed already, let’s get back and see where we stand with all these great ideas from the beginning of the year. There is still enough time to make all you set yourself up to really happen.

How can you get there? All you need is a proper mindset, focus and somebody who holds you accountable for all your steps to accomplish some of your great ideas. Let’s start to focus and make this year still a memorable year for your professional development.